Saturday, Aug 10, 2019

"There's a destination a little up the road From the habitations and the towns we know"

Musician Beck might have two turn tables and a microphone, but we have 6 dam reservoirs and brown bag lunch, and you’ll bring your own.

"Where it's at!"

This ride will take us to 6 reservoirs with a picnic lunch break at Anderson Lake.

Bring your own lunch and maybe a distraction to share with the gang (board games, cards, etc.).

RSVP at the Meetup page here.

Difficulty: β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜†β˜†

1. Lexington Reservoir
2. Guadalupe Reservoir
3. Almaden Reservoir
4. Calero Reservoir
5. Uvas Reservoir
6. Chesbro Reservoir


9:30 am – Morning check-in
10 am – Kick stands up!
Noon – Lunch at Anderson Lake’s WoodChoppers Picnic Area


280 to 17
17 to Bear Creek Rd
Bear Creek to Old Santa Cruz
Old Santa Cruz left on Aldercroft Heights Rd
Then Left on Alma Bridge Rd
Drive Around Lexington reservoir
Back 17 North to Hwy 9 (RT)
Left on Los Gatos Blvd
(RT) on Shannon RD
Shannon RD to Hicks RD (RT)
Hicks RD pass Guadalupe Reservoir
Hicks RD (LF) on Alamitos RD
Alamitos RD pass Almaden Reservoir
Alamitos RD turns into Almaden RD
Almaden RD (RT) on McKean Rd
McKean RD pass Calero Reservoir
Mckean Rd turns into Uvas RD
Take Uvas pass Uvas Reservoir
Uvas Rd left on Watsonville RD.
(LF) on Oak Glen pass Chesbro Reservoir
(RT) on Willow Springs RD
(RT) on Hale to Monterey RD (RT)
(LF) on E.Dunne RD
E. Dunne RD to WoodChoppers Flat Picnic Area

Lunch At WoodChoppers Flat Picnic Area.

Safety Notes

  • The group moves only as fast as the slowest rider.
  • We will do our best not to drop any member of the group.
  • When on major highways, the group may ride in the slow lane to ensure the group stays together.
  • There is safety in numbers.
  • The routes try to take us on roads less traveled. Some of these roads might be a little rough (in need of repairs).
  • The routes may take us through multiple climates, riders should be prepared for changing weather conditions (temperature changes, wind, etc.).
  • Rain will cancel the ride.

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