🥪 Bring Your Own Dam Lunch (half day ride)

Musician Beck might have two turn tables and a microphone, but we have 6 dam reservoirs and brown bag lunch, and you’ll bring your own. This ride will take us to 6 reservoirs with a picnic lunch break at Anderson Lake. Bring your own lunch and maybe a distraction to share with the gang (board games, cards, etc.). RSVP at

🏍The Highway & The Byway (half day ride)

Hope you can join us for a short little ditty down to the coast and back. We’ll take the freeway north then cut over to the coast and head south on Highway 1. We’ll enjoy beautiful, July weather with unfettered views of the Pacific Ocean on our right. We’ll break (brake?) for lunch in Pescadero at Highway 1 Brewery before

IMRG – 🍇⛲️ Old Faithful (full day ride)

This should be a fantastically scenic ride over the Golden Gate bridge, through wine country, to beautiful Calistoga where we’ll stop at Old Faithful and recognize that even mother nature has plumbing issues. Every half hour, this Geyser erupts like clockwork, shooting water hundreds of feet into the air, confirming its pedigree as one of the 700 wonders of the

😎 The Junction (half day ride)

We’ll take a pretty short, but all-kinds-of-awesome ride along Calaveras and Mines Road to have lunch at The Junction in Livermore. The return trip will take us on Mt. Hamilton Road, giving us some amazing views of the valley on our return trip. Hope you can join us! Please bring money for lunch. Difficulty: ★★★★☆ 10 am – Kick stands

Moto Talbott 🏍 Carmel Valley

This ride to Carmel Valley will be like sliding down a rainbow because at the end of it there’s a pot of motorcycle gold called Moto Talbott. This little museum is a hidden gem of motorcycle history. Founded by Robb Talbott, co-founder of Talbott Winery, an avid motorcycle enthusiast who spent decades curating this very unique collection. Robb didn’t just

? Ride the Giant Dipper!

Saturday, April 27th Nothing captures the essence of motorbiking as much as a roller coaster. We’re not talking about those modern vomit comets that twist your body in endless contortions. We’re referring to the classic, old school coasters rendered in wood with breathtaking acceleration, fun little dips and lots of smooth sweeping turns with the wind in your face. Sounds

?☀️Jelly Belly Run!

Jelly beans and Easter… ? they go together like shamma-lamma, lamma-lamma ding-dong! Nothing says Easter like little bunny hop on the bike through the springtime sunshine to pick up some jelly beans to share with the loved ones. This should be a fun ride the week before Easter as we head north in pursuit of our beloved gourmet jelly bean

?‍♂️ ? Hey, Hey… It’s Half Moon Bay!

Saturday, March 30th We are in for some seriously nice riding weather for this trip to Half Moon Bay. This also means a lot of tourists in cars clogging the coastal ride northbound on US 1. To avoid the traffic while maximizing our ocean view, we will be taking the freeway to Pacifica and dropping in on HMB from the

? Goodbye Rain, Hello Freedom!

Saturday, March 16th, 2019, KSU at 10:30 am Say “hello” to warmer weather and longer days, long winding roads and lots of fun along the way! Winter has finally given way to better riding days, so we’ll celebrate our liberation with a southbound ride to Freedom, California. The ride will take us from Spirit Motorcycles in San Jose, next to

? Chasin’ Big Basin!

Saturday, Feb 23rd, 2019, KSU at 10 am This is one of our favorite local rides with a stop at one of our favorite cafes for lunch. We’ll head through the beautiful redwood forest in Big Basin down to Capitols where we’ll stop for lunch at Gayle’s Bakery. The food is pretty amazing here so bring an appetite. We’ll head