1. No Chapter member shall display or conduct any dangerous or reckless driving upon any public roadway or parking lot during any Chapter meeting or event. Dangerous or reckless driving shall include any exhibition of speed.
  2. No Chapter member shall engage himself or herself in any verbal argument with a sponsor or event coordinator. Instead, they should complain to a Board member in attendance who will handle any sponsor or event problems. 

  3. No Chapter member shall engage himself or herself in any act of vandalism, theft, or destruction of another’s property. 

  4. No Chapter member shall conduct himself or herself in any rude or immoral manner, including the use of profane language, gestures, insults or such other misbehavior. 

  5. No Chapter member shall be involved in any physical altercation with another Chapter member or anyone else during any Chapter meeting, Indian event or using the Chapter patches. 

  6. No Chapter member shall discriminate or harass another Chapter member or anyone else, including belittling them or using racial slurs. 

  7. Each Chapter member shall abide by any rules set forth by the particular venue and host Chapter. 

  8. A Chapter member’s vehicle shall be registered, insured and in a safe operating condition if brought to any Chapter meeting or event.
  9. All Chapter members are required to abide by all state and local laws and regulations.
  10. No Chapter member shall have in his or her possession any illegal drugs or weapons at any Chapter meeting or event.
  11. No Chapter member shall consume alcohol during official Chapter rides.
  12. Termination of a Chapter membership will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Should a Chapter member’s membership be terminated, they must remove any association with the Chapter from their clothing, vehicle, e-mail and forum signatures, and/or websites. 
A violation of the any of the above rules may subject the offending Chapter member to a warning, a monetary fine or both; or, in some situations, suspension or expulsion from the Chapter.
  13. The Board will decide the fate of the offender and Spirit Motorcycles San Jose – Sponsor Dealership Board member reserves the right to determine the expulsion from the Chapter. 

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