Day Rides > 300 miles

Coalinga and Back (313 miles)

25 S, 198 E and lunch at Tacos Y Mariscos Sergio Taqueria. Don't miss the opportunity of riding the triple corkscrew on 198!

Little Dipper (350 miles)

Just for fun (Make sure OCH is open at Big Sur)

Parksville Major Fault (357 miles)

Lunch at the Parksfield Café (Parksfield, CA) and stop at the James Dean Memorial Junction (they even have the car!)

Need For Speed Limit (389 miles)

Point Arena Light house (lunch at Point Arena Pizza) and the Goonies!

I Would Roll 500 more (521miles)

Highly recommended run for practice before a Saddle Sore 1000 (good sanity check). Lunch at

Saddlesore 1000 California (1007miles)

A whole 1000+ miles all in California. Can you make it in less than 24 hours? Google says 16hr 44 min! Don't forget your gas receipts.